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CirClub and Tongren Hospital at Shanghai held a joint live internat 介入放射俱乐部与上海同仁医院联手举行国际视频教育实时沙龙活

CirClub and Tongren Hospital at Shanghai held a joint live international educational web meeting via online meeting room

    介入放射俱乐部与上海同仁医院于2012年4月29日联手举行了一场国际视频教育实时沙龙活动。 本次活动是在俱乐部每周一次教学的基础上, 与上海介入放射学组合作举行的网络和现场实时学术交流。王维平医生在同仁医院主持了这次活动,新加坡总医院介入放射科主任郑键雄教授通过网络会议室做了题目为“下肢动脉内膜下成型术的经验和技巧“专题讲座,上海市烧伤研究所所长、上海交通大学附属瑞金医院烧伤科陆树良教授在同仁医院主会场,做了创伤诱发的慢性肢体缺血的微创治疗专题讲座。在上海会议现场,一共有50余人参加。CirClub会员通过网络视频在全国各地(包括美国的部分会员),参与了实况会议。同仁医院介入中心主任茅爱武教授为这次活动做了精心安排,使首次在上海举办的实时对话国际介入视频教育沙龙的学术交流顺利进行,并为从事介入放射学临床工作的上海青年医师们有机会接触到国际上最新的介入专业技术和信息。
    On April 29, 2012, CirClub and Tongren Hospital at Shanghai jointly held a live international educational conference via our online web meeting room. This event combined a weekly held club teaching class with a local interventional society meeting at Shanghai, China. Dr. Weiping Wang hosted the meeting at Tongren Hospital and Dr. Kiang Hiong Tay, Professor and Chairman of interventional radiology at  Singapore General Hospital, presented from Singapore his featured lecture, "Tips and Tricks for Recanalization of Infra-inguinal and Infra-popliteal CTOs”, and Dr. Shuliang Lu, Professor and President of Shanghai Burns Research Institute, gave a lecture at Tongren Hospital titled “Minimally invasive treatment of chronic limb ischemia secondary to burn”. There were more than 50 people gathered at Tongren Hospital to attend the live meeting, with the rest of CirClub members attending the meeting across the country in their hometowns via the web, including several members who are currently in the United States. Dr. Aiwu Mao, Professor and Chief of Interventional Radiology at Tongren Hospital, organized this event in Shanghai, which was the first time that Shanghai interventional radiologists had a lecture from overseas and were able to exchange dialogue with other international specialists without traveling. It was ultimately a great learning opportunity for young local physicians who never attended oversea international meetings before.
    本次俱乐部暨视频沙龙还得到了中国医师协会信息网络中心、长宁区医学会肿瘤学组和放射学组的大力支持,参会青年医生分别来自上海仁济、中山、瑞金、长海、第六、岳阳等医院,以及同仁硕博士创新基地和博士后项目基地的成员、同仁英才、同仁希望之星培养对象。同仁医院的领导也亲临会场, 参与了这次有非同寻常的教学活动。 他们表示, 院方希望通过此次活动能够带动本院及更多上海介入青年医生融入到国际先进技术交流中,提高上海介入学界青年医生的学术科研水平和专业技术能力。上海电视台对本次活动进行了采访和报道。
     This activity was also supported by the Online Education Department of Chinese Medical Association, societies of medical oncology and interventional radiology of Changning District. Attendees were from Shanghai Renji Hospital, Zhongshan Hospital, Ruijin Hospital, Changhai Hospital, the 6th municipal and Yueyang Hospital. Members who were master degree candidates,post-doctoral fellows and outstanding young physicians in training programs were invited to attend the educational event as well. Tongren Hospital administration staffs also took part in this extraordinary teaching and learning activities. They expressed their full support for this joint meeting and also encouraged their physicians to be actively involved in technological, academic, and clinical skill exchanges. Shanghai TV station reported on our activities.


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