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Basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training course was held at Taixing Municipal Hospital of


Basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training course was held at Taixing Municipal Hospital of Jiangsu Province      

    Two days of basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation training courses (basic life support, BLS) was held in Taixing Municipal Hospital, Jiangsu Province on May 4, and 5, 2011. CIRCLUB hosted this course, co-sponsored with Taixing City People's Hospital, as an international healthcare provider training program. Basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation, also known as basic life support, is utilized to rescue patients who have cardiac arrest. The first, most important action is to initiate CPR within 4 to 6 minutes. The aim is to re-oxygenate the brain cells as soon as possible in order to reduce the brain damage from hypoxic condition (brain damage starts at 4 minutes, and irreversible brain damage occurs at 10 minutes). Without resuscitation, the survival rate in cardiac arrest patients is less than 1%. For every minute of delay, mortality rate will increase by 10 percent. Severe cardiac arrhythmia is the most common cause of cardiac arrest, but with prompt resuscitation and defibrillation, survival rate will increase to about 50%. The majority ofcardiac arrests occur at home or in public places. In China, medical professionals are the only ones who are familiar to CPR techniques. There is no basic training for the public and there has been no public access to rescue networks or basic devices, such as automatic external defibrillators (AED). Many patients lose their life because of missing the window of resuscitation in the very first few minutes of cardiac arrest. Thus, it will be a difficult challenge to educate the public, train the medical staffs and establish a  comprehensive emergency system to improve the overall quality of CPR in China.
    CIRCLUB offered a basic online CPR course to the members a year ago. It was also introduced advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation (Advanced life support), the American public and the hospital's emergency system at that time. This real life training is an extension of the club’s goal to promote medical knowledge through an online platform. Mr. Lawrence Mihalcin, senior nurse and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) instructor at the Cleveland Clinic, was invited by Dr. Weiping Wang to come to Taixing Municipal Hospital as the instructor of a BLS course. The event was supported and endorsed by the Cleveland Clinic and American Heart Association. A total of more than 100 physicians and nurses participated in the course, who originate from Taixing Municipal Hospital, Sir Yifu Shao Hospital of Zhejiang University, Suzhou University and Shanghai St. Lukes’ Hospital. A total of 25 trainees passed the examination and were awarded the BLS certificate from the American Heart Association. Mr. Mihalcin demonstrated himself as an extraordinary talent in teaching and his live demonstration was not only technically impressive, but humorous as well. Students were trained in both basic knowledge and practice of BLS in an friendly environment. 
    This event was the first of its kind, as the first life BLS course held in China was authorized by leading medical institutions in the United States, along with the American Heart Association. Professor Aiwu Mao, the Chairman of Interventional Radiology at St. Luke’s Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University, participated in the cause with great interest and he is also one of only 25 trainees who received a BLS certificate. He expressed after the course that public education in CPR and establishing a comprehensive public emergency system are the most important aspects of China's current health sector that need to seriously considered and addressed.
    Chinese medical physician online education deputy editor, Miss Ping Jin, made a special trip to the scene to observe and report on the event ( The local media also covered our story and broadcasted it live on television.




    为期两天的基础心肺复苏术培训班(basic life support,BLS)于2011年5月4日和5两天在江苏省泰兴市人民医院举行。本次活动由CIRCLUB推荐,并与泰兴市人民医院共同举办的一次国际合作医护人员培训项目。

    基础心肺复苏术,也称基础生命支持,是针对各种原因导致的心搏骤停,在4~6分钟内所必须采取的急救措施之一。其目的在于尽快挽救缺氧状态下的脑细胞,并且施救时间越早越好(四分钟以上开始造成脑损伤,十分钟以上即造成脑部不可逆的损害)。在没有任何抢救措施的情况下,心跳停止病人的生还概率不到1%. 每延误一分钟, 就增加10%的死亡率。而大多数心跳停止的病人是属于严重心律失常,如及时进行人工复苏和除颤, 可以挽救而高达50%病人的生命。 呼吸和心跳停止事件大多发生在家庭和公众场合,而在中国,基础心肺复苏术仅仅局限在医院内进行,民众没有基本的急救知识,以及公共急救设施, 包括简单的体外自动除颤器(AED),很多病人因为失去宝贵的急救时机而丧失生命。因而,普及大众的急救知识,提高医护人员的急救技术和应急措施, 以及健全急救的机构是一项亟待提高和意义重大的工程。

    CIRCLUB一年前曾在网络学习班上举行了基础心肺复苏术的教程, 并介绍了高级心肺复苏术(Advanced life support), 以及美国公共和医院的应急系统。本次活动是俱乐部理论学习的延伸。受王维平医生邀请,美国克里夫兰医学中心高级护理师,资深心肺复苏术培训专家Lawrence Mihalcin先生, 来到泰兴市人民医院进行基础心肺复苏术的现场培训。此次活动得到了美国克里夫兰医学中心急救培训中心和美国心脏协会的支持和认可。


    据悉, 授权于美国大型医疗机构和美国心脏病协会共同在中国举行的基础心肺复苏术培训班尚属首次。上海交通大学附属同仁医院茅爱武教授怀着浓厚的兴趣参加了这次培训并取得了合格证书。他表示, 普及公众的急救知识, 完善公共急救设施和健全急救系统是我们中国当前卫生部门需要认真考虑和着手解决的课题。中国医师网副总编辑金平女士专程现场考查了这次活动(中国医师网:聚焦中国基层医师基础生命支持培训)。当地媒体也作了现场报道。



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