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CirClub Members Study at the Cleveland Clinic (介入放射俱乐部会员在克里夫兰临床医学中心进修学习)




Dr. Xiao Lee, one of the CirClub members, has been studying at the Cleveland Clinic since May, 2011. Dr. Lee is an associate professor at Huaxi Hospital and a doctoral mentor at Sichuan University, specializing in minimally invasive treatments of digestive diseases, especially the TIPS procedure for portal hypertension and Budd-Chiari Syndrome.

As a senior club member, Dr. Lee not only takes an active role in CirClub, but also encourages and organizes his students to study with him in CirClub. He believes that all participants will benefit their careers if they continue in the club.  Dr. Lee also expressed that the opportunity to study in a world class hospital is rare and amazing. Studying with Dr. Wang enables him to understand further the clinical process and work philosophy in the U.S. This experience will be of great benefit to his career in the future.

The mission of CirClub is to help make every member an excellent clinician. Besides regular online classes to transmit professional knowledge, the club also provides a platform to interact with experts all around the world. Furthermore, the club is willing to assist members in their pursuits for advance studies.

Dr. Dayong Zhou from Suzhou University, another member of CirClub, will also go to the Cleveland Clinic for a one year post-doctoral study starting this September.




(July 10, 2011)




















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