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The CirClub’s First Ever Paper Reading Contest Comes to a Successful Ending (介入放射俱乐部首次论文阅读比赛取得圆满成功)





On June 6, 2011, CirClub members gathered together at the Taixing Hospital of Jiangsu Province for the first ever paper peer evaluation and analysis “contest”. We have received great applause from contestants and attendees.



The contest was divided into two parts, one in Chinese with eight contestants, and the other in English with nine participants. Four articles about TIPS and PPH were carefully chosen as the guidelines to be used for competition. Members who participated in the contest were given two weeks for preparation, then gave a speech using the PPT model. Within the time limitation, contestants not only summarized the basic components of the articles but analyzed their strength and weaknesses as well. According to their presentations, Dr. Wang and several judges asked each contestant several succinct questions to comprehensively examine the candidates' scope of knowledge and quick-reaction capability. Excellent manners on the stage were highly emphasized as another important point in the contest. After an intense day of competition, Dr. Hongcui Li,from Huaxi hospital and Dr. Xiaoquan Xu from Nanjing University claimed their titles as champions in the Chinese and English parts of the contest, respectively. At the end of the contest, they were each rewarded with prizes prepared by Dr. Wang.



Dr. Wang organized this contest during his trip to China. As a great honor, CirClub had these following distinguished experts and professors present during the contest as judges; Dr. Yonghua Xu from Xuhui central hospital in Shanghai, Drs. Caifang Ni and Xiaoli Zhu from the first hospital affiliated to Suzhou university, Dr. Zhengqiang Yang from people's hospital of Jiangsu province, Dr. Shicheng He from Zhongda Hospital, Southeast University. Over fifty physicians and graduate students of Interventional Radiology from Chengdu, Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, and Taixing participated this event. There was a general consensus among the CirClub members that this contest benefitted everyone by improving their abilities of critical thinking, paper reading and speech skills, offering a valuable opportunity to make new friends.

Taixing hospital supported this event by allowing us to use their meeting room for the competition and provided hotel accommodations for some CirClub members and everyone lunch. Furthermore, since the event was held on the Dragon Festival, the hospital also give everyone a pack of Zhongzhi, a special traditional food.

"The aim of this contest was to improve the members' ability to read scientific literature, and to develop presentation skills”, Dr. Wang said, “In the foreseeable future, I would like to see our members be able to present at a international level without difficulty ".  Because of the great success, CirClub will consider such a contest as a regular event in the future.


 (June 6, 2011)






“举办比赛的目的是培养会员批判式阅读文献的能力,提高会员的演讲水平”, 王医生表示,“在不远的将来,我希望在国际学术交流会议上我们的会员有一流的表现。”鉴于本次比赛极其成功,俱乐部考虑今后将定期举行类似比赛活动。











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