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CirClub’s Online Class Made Its Debut in 2011 China Interventional Conference(介入网络俱乐部课堂走进中国介入治疗论坛大会)



The biannual China Interventional Conference (CIC) took place between the 9th and 12th of June, 2011 at Dalian, Liaoning, China. On June 11, the first  panel discussion was on the treatment of portal hypertension. The first guest speaker was Dr. Eunice Moon, a staff radiologist from the Interventional Radiology Department of Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, United States. Through CirClub’s online meeting room, Dr. Moon presented a featured lecture titled “TIPS Today” from Cleveland, United States. CirClub members from all over China and US joined the conference through windows live meeting.
Dr. Moon briefly discussed the history and basic techniques of a TIPS procedure. She then focused on the latest imaging guided technologies, the DynaCT and iGuide. Meanwhile, she shared her personal experiences on how to prevent and treat complications from TIPS procedure. Dr. Moon's lecture appealed to the listeners with its profusion of content and first-hand experience at a world renowned hospital. Before she finished her lecture, Dr. Moon answered questions from CirClub members as well as from the onsite audience. The online lecture went so smoothly that no one could tell the presentation was from the United States.  
Dr. Weiping Wang, the founder of CirClub, along with Professor Caifang Ni, were invited by CIC boards to moderate the panel discussion on “the treatment of portal hypertension”. To utilize our online based meeting at a national medical conference was a first for CirClub. To our best knowledge, this was also the first time an online based web lecture had been adopted in a Chinese medical society meeting. Through this method, audiences not only interacted with experts on site, but also discussed with experts across the Atlantic. This novel method of broadcasting live procedures through internet not only became the highlight of this year’s CIC, but also allowed CirClub to be recognized by the society of Chinese interventional radiology.

(June 12, 2011)   





2011年6月9日至12日,两年一次的中国介入治疗论坛在大连举行。门静脉高压治疗是6月11日的首场专题,首位主讲嘉宾是来自于美国克里夫兰临床医学中心,介入放射科的Eunice Moon主任医师。通过CirClub网络会议室, Moon医师从在美国的克里夫兰为大会做了“经颈肝内门体静脉分流术的现状”专题报告,CirClub会员通过网络视频在全国各地, 包括美国的部分会员, 参与了实况会议。

Moon医生首先简要地介绍了TIPS(即经颈肝内门体静脉分流术)发展概况及基本操作技术,然后重点介绍了动态CT (DynaCT)和影像引导( iGuide )最新导向穿刺技术。同时,她也结合自己的临床实践介绍了TIPS并发症的预防和治疗。Moon医生的讲座内容丰富,给大家带来世界著名医院的先进经验。在讲座结束后,她还回答了CirClub会员以及参会者提出的问题。本次网络课堂视频流畅,听众并未觉得讲演者来自遥远的美国。




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